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One year from 29/01/2009…

Posted by rubberband on January 29, 2010

1… I still think Bay is special.

2… We have developed language of a marriage: Morses code, formed by showers, and dinners and stories before bed.

3… Half of the time I figured that  I am much better at being a workaholics than a  wife.

4… I sealed two hearts. One his. One mine.

5… A missing piece of puzzle fitted into the whole.

6… I made a good friend. A friend who knows each other well. I  danced/jumped freely at home.  He farted a lot. I wear mask like no one else sees.  I can’t cook…and list goes on.

7… Looking back we felt we have come a long way.

8… Same time last year this video was played before I can see him at the the end of aisle.


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New Year Day…

Posted by rubberband on January 1, 2010

1… Just like Christmas, nice and quiet, which is good.

2… I am socially catching up. I gave myself a facebook account.

3… I feel like doing bush walking. A barbie would be great too.

4… I didn’t make new year resolutions. Actually Bay and I stopped doing that since last two years.

5… Wanted to dine out but we chucked the idea because of the 15% tax surcharge on Public Holiday.

6… I can’t stopped reminding myself it is a Friday. I felt like a weekend.

7… We sat outside on our balcony. I  read a book and he played on guitar, and we breathed in the air after the rain.

8… I miss home.

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Christmas Eve…

Posted by rubberband on December 24, 2009

1… I left work at 3 ++. I could have left earlier but a phone call caught me.

2… I walked home under friendly sun. I picked up Francipani, smelled it and put it back on top of fine grass.

3… Everyone on the road looks lovely. They greet, they smile and they all look happy. How good is that if everyone is happy everyday, just like today?

4… A post-it affixed on our door. It reads “Thanks for the hat. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” It was from our neighbor, Anthony & Denise. I found a hat laying on our balcony this morning. Anthony’s hat was somehow dropped on our balcony, I don’t know how, but we picked and returned.

5… Us being Postman for a short 15 minutes. We received a Christmas card few days ago but it wasn’t meant for us. We drove to the place and get it sent to the right recipient. I thought she (Yvonne is the name, it has to be a ‘She’) might be happier receiving a card from her friend on Christmas Eve.

6… Bay got Christmas Pressie Bag from his work! We were so excited. Like a kid, pulling things in and out from the bag, look and look and look.

7… We sit in front of the telly, watching “Australia Carols by Candlelights” on live. They are good. They sing beautifully. Their voice moves my heart. They made me miss home. Next year this time I want to watch the same show again. Or should I say, next year this time I want to be home.

8… Me wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and happiness in all. *Hugs*

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I have been…

Posted by rubberband on November 20, 2009

1… to 9 countries, says Charlene. No I never. It was like a self-comfort after skimming through scenery that Deanne photographed in her Europe trip.

2… swearing. Nobody cares but I do.

3… eye-rolling, as if that would help me in achieving something.

4… reading. Obviously reading doesn’t tame my language and my eyes.

5… doodling. Most of times I can’t figure what was I doing.

6… OT-ing. Once in a blue moon doesn’t hurt.

7… hearing, but not listening. I look like as though I am listening but I am not.

8… catering. I am a home cook who provides same set of lunch and dinner to him.

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Posted by rubberband on November 4, 2009

1… On the first day of my holiday, a stranger who lives in our place came up to me claiming that she unexpectedly pregnant. It was spine-tingling as she recites. I felt like I was abandoned in a cul-de-sac, where I had nowhere to turn to. In the aftermath I can’t figure if it was a truth or a lie. I probably have lost all my tears and energy to believe again.

2… My uncle gets Bay (New nickname of his) and I to run a day of childcare on his son. It was fun but it was certainly hard to deal with especially when my cousin doesn’t speak at all.

3… I went back to school to support my cousin in a basketball match. It was nerve-wracking from the start to end. As our school lost the match, ridiculously my uncle and someone from school in the opposite (the opponent) ended in a brawl. It was shitty after all.

4… I was put in the front desk as the receptionist on my cousin’s wedding. I had no idea what I was I doing. I didn’t know 95% of the guests. I was mostly not able to find their names from the list. It was a chaos that you’ll never want to be in.

5… I drove from Penang to Ipoh, Ipoh to Penang, and Ipoh to KL in storms. It is not something I do everyday. I should say I haven’t been driving ever since I was here. I grasped the wheel so firm like koalas clings to the trees.

6… Bay and I went for a hike in Perak Cave. Do we call that a hike? I don’t know. The stairs are small, molded, and slippery. It was not easy but I would jot it an achievement as he has minor acrophobia.

7… Tummy-ache attacks everyday after the holiday. It comes and it goes. It is going through a jet-lag.

8… A training session to be performed for about 15 pax. I am bitten off bit by bit. I can’t breathe.

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Alright. What’s next before holiday begins…

Posted by rubberband on October 14, 2009

1… Put a smile on my face. I haven’t been able to do that since the week started, and it doesn’t seems to get any better.

2… Learn to stand my ground. I must pick that up quickly enough that I can smugly speak for myself. You know what, as the deadline approaches, someone in the team went panicky then put me on a blame. Hey, that was not nice. Not at all.

3… Finish my work by end of the week. Let a forced miracle (the cut-off) happens.

4… Book to be returned to the library. I don’t want to get charged for an overdue.

5… Perhaps another pre-birthday celebration, although I already had one with Jas & Rui last weekend. Not planned but we’ll see.

6… Breakie and fruits to be prepared for the flight.

7… Pack. Started a bit but lost interest in no time.

8… Fly home. The only thing that can make me smile.

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Looking forward…

Posted by rubberband on September 16, 2009

1…to Christmas. 99 sleeps away. Hey! Why not make it a hundred for Boxing Day! I love Boxing Day.

2…to handover the checkup recommendation form to DOC. I feel fine (for now) so bring it on!

3…to hear from the agent once more. We knew that the offer we gave was a long shot. Getting him to call us now is fanciful, would it?

4…to a satisfying breakfast. I am almost done with peanut-butter on multigrain breads. *burps*

5…to hear their says and have my says on the performance reviews.

6…to the next plasma donations scheduled on 05/10. I should probably cancel it, should I? My pulse can’t tell a porky pies anyway.

7…to the the next gym session although my knees are killing me softly.

8…to be home. A rough ball park is 31 days and 55 minutes. Hooray!

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Posted by rubberband on September 8, 2009

1…I broke a glass. Whoopsie.

2…I was deferred from plasma donations AGAIN! They say there are missing heartbeats. Irregular pulse. Blah Blah Blah. Codswallop I say.

3…Finding my soul is like chasing a rainbow. But yes I am getting there.

4…It is tad tough believing that 30 tasks are coming on my way. I have too much on my plates.

5…We doubt if there is a minuscule chance in winning the race.

6…Ought to spend some money now on medical check. Ouchhhh in my pockets.

7…Mastering Curtis Stones recipes in one try is a dupe. Too much nitty-gritty for me to handle. I tried several times but it is not getting any easier.

8…Time flies. Hitting the sack in 5. Good night.

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Hey hey hey…

Posted by rubberband on August 28, 2009

1…I am in a terrific good mood. What else. WOW Broncos!

2…I have an interview on Sunday.

3…I ate so much that I don’t remember what I’ve eaten and I have been letting fluffy off the chain all night!

4…I learned something today. Which is better. To look rich but poor or to look poor but rich. I let you mull over but I’ve got my answer.

5…My senior went off for one month holiday. I see the responsibility with a ray of light in myself.

6…The weather is unpredictably odd recently. Heat waves in Winter, sound bizarre ay? We are alright with it besides start having fan running at night….already!

7…Soon I will find my soul. I felt absolutely hollow, like a tree without the inside. It has been faffing around for a while but now I am positive. I am getting there.

8…Here you go! My favourite commercial advertisement. Imagine they do different one each year ever since long long time ago. I have no idea when. Wait…before you get me wrong, I love their spirits, the lyrics and the song. I have not called Australia home (Not yet!). Haha.

All the sons and daughters
Spinning around the world
Away from their family and friends
But as the world gets older and colder
Its good to know where your journey ends

So when is my journey ends ar?

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Dear you…

Posted by rubberband on August 9, 2009

1…Having you here I call it a journey. I learnt who you are and you too learnt who I am. You see who I am behind the masque and I see yours too.

2…I am sorry for my stupidity, farcical selfishness, and my frigging emotions.

3…I am learning to become a better person and you know that. Please do forgive me for my mistakes.

4…You and I know there were certainly joy, differences, laughs, conflicts, and bonds between us.

5…my chatterbox, thank you for all of the daily updates/stories/talks. They are irreplaceably cool. Those are too interesting that we both know Benson can’t do what you can.

6…You’ll be missed. I mean it.

7…We love you.

8…Keep the cliche with you. When there is a will, there is a way.

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